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About Us

Our Mission   

To share & spread the beauty & traditions of Amazonian & other indigenous cultures, as well as the Art they inspire! Sharing Ancient Remedies for Body, Mind & Spirit; Promoting spiritual traditions, native wisdom, teachings & practices for the betterment of humanity; while giving back, bringing awareness to, & supporting those cultures/ communities we learn from... Making sure you feel the love, as part of our medicine family, every step of the way!

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About Nate: Owner and Founder of Spirit Visions

I could beat anyone in a race. I was the strongest kid in school. In wrestling, I became California state runner up as well as a 2x All-American in high school and college. This was my Identity... until a psychedelic experience (with no guidance or understanding of what I was doing) shook something loose within my psyche at age 19, leaving me feeling all the pain I had been suppressing all my life. Then, a neck injury that shifted my life away from wrestling. Without my identity I felt lost and was searching for who I was for years. The search led me trying all kinds of things... Eventually I started training to become a gunsmith... 

After moving to Texas from California in 2016 for my first job as a gunsmith, I quickly found an ayahuasca church and began attending ceremonies in my search for healing. After 1 year of this, I organized and hosted my first ceremony for some Colombian curanderos I had become close friends with. Up to this point, despite always believing in a higher power, I didn't fully believe all the spiritual stuff. On that Cold Saturday night/Sunday morning of December 2017 however, sitting under the stars in ceremony, I experienced the near instant manifestation of all of my prayers while under the medicine.  In the moment of this realization my body pulsed and vibrated with surges of energy as I saw through the veil. For the first time in my life, I KNEW with all of my being, that there is so much more than we see. "All of this is real! All of this is f******* real!" I said aloud. Then another surge of energy filled with an undeniable understanding, an all pervading knowing, that this is what I am meant to do with my life! I knew then that I must learn how to work with these plant medicines and become a healer. I now knew my purpose! The next day, I quit my job as a gunsmith,  and I began selling my belongings to get the funds for my journey. By February, I moved to Colombia, not knowing a word of spanish. Within 1 week I met my teacher Taita Bernardo, and shortly after, he accepted me as his student. I moved into his home and I began the Journey of a lifetime... Drinking Ayahuasca 4 -5x a week by night, hard physical labor and study of healing plants and traditions by day. This was meant to be 3 months, but continued for a couple months more before that first intensive initiation was complete.

In total, Since 2016, I have sat in many hundreds of sacred ceremony circles, and Lived in the Amazon Jungle of Colombia for 6 months During my intensive & continuing apprenticeship under Taita Bernado Chindoy of the Kamëntsá tribe. Afterward, another 6 week intensive training with other master plants in the jungle of Mexico. I also apprenticed and learned under 2 Colombian ayahuasceros (long time students under my maestro, Taita Bernardo) during my role as a ceremony organizer for 5 years. During this time I organized, co-facilitated, and played a supporting role, in around 1000 combined Ayahuasca, and Kambo ceremonies, as well as apprenticing with Kambo throughout. In more recent years I began traveling to other countries and creating relationships with other tribes of Brazil, Colombia & Peru. In these years I have participated in, and seen the expansion and emotional healing of thousands of individuals. I have been lucky to see the power of plant medicines! Throughout all of this, I have been working with, apprenticing with, and serving Hapé & sananga.

Following my path and my mission, and With the Blessing of Taita Bernardo Chindoy, as well as my other teachers, I began to share these remedies through Spirit Visions in 2020, and began creating SpiritVisions.us in 2021, to continue the mission: to spread the medicines, and these traditions that change lives, far and wide!! 

Through all of this, I have come to realize the most important work you can do is inside yourself, by looking at your own shadows with honesty and without dogma. Each of us is Beautifully flawed... and what matters most is doing the work to become the best version of ourselves, while being conscious of how we affect others and the impact that can have. I have had some adventures, taken some leaps of faith, and learned a lot along the way... and we all have something to teach one another. There is no guru or healer that can heal you, except yourself... But if you find yourself on this path, plants can be the greatest teacher, they can show you the way. 

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We care about our planet & the Tribes that have shared their lives, teachings their ancient ways to all of us. For this reason, Spirit Visions aims to be operated sustainably and ethically at every level. Sourcing plant medicines and artisan goods from indigenous peoples, through direct and personal relationships, in a way that supports the wellbeing of tribes to the highest degree. For the good of all!
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In our effort to reduce waste and show Pachamama some love, we strive to use a majority of our packaging from recycled sources and second use sources. If we ordered a supply, then we will reuse as much of it's packaging as possible! The end result... Sometimes our packages look a little odd or makeshift... but they are always fully functional, and always packed with extra love as well as minimal waste! 
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Giving Back   

Spirit Visions gives back to the tribes we work with & learn from!

20% of proceeds go back to the tribes, to support the well being of the communities, healers, & artists we work with... including multiple tribes of Brazil: the Katukina/Noke Koi, Huni Kuin, Yawanawa, and Fulni-ô indigenous people of Pernambuco, as well as the Shapibo Conibo of Peru, and the Kamëntsá, Cofán & Inga tribes of Colombia!

Supporting over a dozen individual artisans, medicine men, and their families! In doing so, helping them to be able to make an even greater impact through their work!

Our Desire is to continue to Support more tribes, in bigger ways, each passing year! 

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