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We carry only freshly made hapé/rapé that is made by the indigenous tribes of Brazil, Peru and Colombia, and shipped to our Texas location, directly from the Tribes!  20% OF ALL PROCEEDS go to Indigenous tribes of Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and over a dozen individual artisans, medicine men, and their families.


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Our hapé is made under specific traditions with the best quality, organic and sustainably harvested ingredients. After sitting with many tribes and traditions in ceremonies, we have found these blends to be the best out there! We are so sure of it we will give your money back if your not satisfied!!!

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Multiple tribes are supported when you purchase these products.

With a growing selection of blends, each with its own properties and uses, you can be assured we have what you need for your meditations, ceremonies, and spiritual connection.

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 All hapé is measured by volume since the density of the different blends can vary. Weigh approximations are for your convenience. 


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Available Blends Listed Below

According to the Beliefs', traditions, and experiences of Indigenous tribes of the Amazon that have used these blends for thousands of years, These are the effects of Hapé:



Yawanawa Tribe

Highlights/Uses: Grounding, Exploratory, aligning, clearing, meditation. 

Tsunu is for spiritual work and that it is both grounding and exploratory. The Yawanawa uses Tsunu rapeh for aligning, clearing, and grounding, thus balancing the energies in the body.  Tsunu is lovely when taken prior to meditation or contemplation.


Katukina Tribe

Highlights/Uses: Immune system, Anxiety, grounding, Cleansing, Balances Hemispheres of the brain. Self-awareness. Sacral Chakra.
MURICI (Byrsonima crassifólia) acts strongly on the physical body, cleansing the strength of the muscle fibers and the hardness of the bones, as it is very effective in cleaning and re-energizing the frontal lobe of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
Murici ashes act as a catalyzed spiritual energy in the mind causing people to become self-aware at times in a journey state of internalization and spiritual understanding. The Katukina consider Murici to 'raise the energies of the abdomen', so it is often used when a person is feeling too emotional or overly fearful. Consider Murici when you are experiencing anxiety and grounding is needed. It is also good for the immune system and can be used to fight off sickness.


Katukina Tribe

Highlights/Uses: Heart opening, Energizing, Raise vibration, Heart Chakra

CACAU (Theobroma cacao) is made with the ashes of the cacao tree.

Cacau or Food of the Gods has a long history of ceremonial use among our ancestors. Cacau is a heart opener and leaves us feeling uplifted and energized probably due to boosted serotonin levels. 

 It gives us extra energy to work and exercise our body, it makes us feel a great expansion of vibration and strength, which can help us receive channeling. 



Katukina tribe

Highlights/Uses: Mental focus, Calms the mind, Meditation, Spiritual perception. Crown and Solar plexus Chakras.
CUMARU (Dipteryx odorata) is worshiped by the acre Katukina-Nokekoi, Yawanawa, and Huni Kuin tribes, used by various Acre tribes. It activates the third chakras and the crown chakra, calming the thinking minds and opening a spiritual view for the two patients and extra-physical perceptions of the light of the atmosphere. Mental focus and meditation are the keywords for this blend.



Fulni-ô tribe

Highlights/Uses: Strong & intense. Clairvoyance, Visions, Cleansing, expand consciousness, harmonization energies. Heart and Third eye Chakras.

The Jurema preta  (Mimosa H). Hapeh also comes from the Fulni-ô and kariri-xokó tribes. Its prepared with Jurema preta ashes. Jurema preta hapé is an ancient blend, and its traditionally used and shared by the elders, healers, and musicians, preserving the indigenous knowledge of their culture. Rapè Jurema Preta is famous for being a stronger & more intense rapè. The natives say it is known to activate & improve clairvoyance & mediumship. It is also known for its energy cleansing properties. Also known to expand consciousness through the harmonization of energies. 




Fulni-ô tribe

Highlights/Uses: Strong. Mental calming, Concentration, Lucid dreams, Astral Projection, Spiritual and psychic connection.  Heart and Third eye Chakras.

 The spirit of the Jurema Branca (Mimosa Ophthalmocentra) is definitely present in this mixture, it has a very flying but uplifting effect. Jurema is a plant of truly amazing power. This hapeh is considered one of the strongest in our apothecary. It brings mental calming of  thoughts and brings concentration. It is used by indigenous people to bring lucid dreams and strengthen connection with the spiritual world, psychic development, and astral projection.



Katukina tribe

Highlights/Uses: Awakening, Guidance, Advice, Astral, Clarity, Magic, Intuition
This medicine has the great power of awakening and liberation. This medicine is usually used in ceremonies by the healers and shamans, more precisely in aya ceremonies. Vashawá means the  Serpent in Katukinas language, and the serpent is the most sacred animal for them.
The serpent is the guardian of the secrets and magic. The sacred serpent comes to us and it takes us to higher astral planes, for us to enter in contact with our inner and higher selves, to receive guidance and support from these great spirits we meet in the medicine process. The serpent is a spirit guide, she possesses an innate knowledge of survival, growth and protection. When we receive the vashawá hapé, we may feel the medicinal power (spiritual energy of the native people and forest) giving us good and useful advice or suggestions.


Katukina Tribe

Highlights/Uses: Energetic. Clears the aura, heat, ceremony preparation, focus, joy. 
Pau Pereira's promotes the cleansing of our energy field, aura.
The energy of this medicine is more intense and generates more energy and heat than the others. That is why we classify it as stronger, and it is also very appropriate for use in other deeper ceremonies. An excellent blend to prepare for these other remedies, since its strength accompanies us in anchoring our highest energies.
Because Pau Pereira has a lot of energy, it is also used by the indigenous people of the Brazilian Amazon for hunting and other activities. The benefits it brings us are diverse, it connects us to the joy of the jungle and is a protection and health guide for those who work with its materials.
The stronger the medicinal plants, the more it will wake you up and make you change for the better. Since the possibility of staying healthy is treating our bodies, minds, and souls with true medicinal compounds that complement our Creative gifts.


Yawanawa Tribe

Highlights/Uses: Grounding, focus, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, brings balance, 
The Mulateiro blend comes from the Yawanawa tribe and is known for its powerful strength and many healing benefits. It is a grounding blend that enables concentration and focus.
Mulateiro is a tree found in the Amazon, it has been used since ancient times for its restorative, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial properties as well as treating diabetes and skin cancer. The mulateiro is used to release tension in the right and left cerebral lobes, allowing our body, mind, and spirit to re-align in balance and become centered.
The main properties of this hapé are rejuvenation, anti-anxiety, calming, and centering. It is also a wonderful hapé before bed and to treat insomnia as it calms the mind and the nervous system.


Katukina Tribe

Highlights/Uses: Meditation, silencing the mind, clears negativity, connect to ancestors, 
Paricá is made from the ash of bark of the angico seed, the same one used to make yopo, with it has medicinal alkaloids, but they are not entheogens.
The yopo tree as it is also known is a sacred tree whose medicinal properties have long been ritualistically used by shamans and healers.

 The Paricá applied in a sacred way, can lead to a state of deep meditation where the mind is perceived centering and silencing itself. This leads us to feelings of liberation and purpose.
The Katukina consider Paricá (Parika) for "ceremonial use, taking it often during focused sessions of meditation or contemplation." Paricá rapeh is extremely well balanced and causes a deepening within oneself.  Paricá awakens the study of the sacred, the connection with our ancestry, the cleansing of negative thoughts, and of spiritual healing. The Paricá or consider this rapeh for ceremonial use, take it often during focused sessions of meditation or contemplation. 


Nukini Tribe

Highlights/Uses: Spiritual cleansing, connection and opening, anti-inflammatory, helps with headaches and respiratory issues. 

One of the main intentions behind this medicine is to bring forth the medicine of the jungle, with the essence of feminine medicinal strength (which is good for both men and women). Sansara is an herb very respected by traditional indigenous knowledge  and used for spiritual cleansing. Believed to have special spiritual qualities for connection and opening, it also has bronchial dilating, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, able to cure headaches, and helping in cases of respiratory problems.



Yawanawa Tribe

Highlights/Uses: Courage, empowerment, awakening, balances energies. 
"Força Feminina” (Feminine Force) is a TOP favorite.
Made by the Yawanawa, the people of the Boar, this tribe is well known for their mastery of hapeh and their strong recipes. Infused within this medicine are prayers for the awakening of the feminine and your own personal empowerment and strength.
This medicine is good for both men and women as it balances the masculine and feminine properties within.


Katukina Tribe

Highlights/Uses: Helps with emotions, lessens pain, digestion, Solar plexus & Root Chakras, Fire Element, Masculine 

The Katukina choose Canela De Velho when they wish to "work on the emotional body and when removing a persons repeated and/or harmful thoughts".
 This blend contains Canela de Velho, which is a relative of cinnamon, giving it a sweet flavor, bringing heat to the body and solar plexus ( great for digestion). Additionally, this medicine  works with the central energy channel of the body, specifically the cerebral. It calls upon your ancestry and opens up an ability to access memories.



Katukina Tribe

Highlights/Uses: Connect to ancestors, grounding, 

This is a grounding and connective rapeh

The Katukina know that Samaúma connects us with our ancestors and therefore with our ancestral Karma. The Samaúma tree is often considered the spiritual father of the forest, the pivotal energy to which all other life yields. Samaúma rapeh is also grounding due to the majestic energies of the Samaúma tree.



Yawanawá tribe

Highlights/Uses: prevents heart problems, good for heart health, relieves tiredness, eases pain, enhances manifestation, spiritual protection, 

Veia De Pajé incorporates the heart-shaped leaves of the Jurubeba herb. Jurubeba is also known as Heart of the Boa Constrictor.

Veia De Pajé prevents heart problems, regulates the heartbeat, aids in circulation, relieves tiredness, and eases pain. Veia De Pajé repels the negative and attracts the positive, protecting us against spiritual persecution and envy. 

When working with Veia De Pajé rapeh we may manifest, therefore must be clear about what we wish to pursue. The Yawanawá recommends we focus our minds on what we want and not what we don't want. 



Yawanawá tribe

Highlights/Uses: recalibration, harmony, stillness, synchronize body mind and spirit, relive tension, helps with inflammation, arthritis and joint pain, good for cell health and hormones. Third Chakra, Fire Element, Masculine

Caneleiro (Cenostigma Macrophyllum) can bring about an experience of energetic recalibration, balance, & harmony. Helping to synchronize and align your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Overall, this hapé works to ground, balance, and clear the body, piercing through any energetic debris, blockages or muscle tension, and bringing about a wave of peace, harmony, and stillness throughout the body.

Caneleiro is a plant often used for healing of joints and pain; in hapé it can have similar effects and can help with arthritis and joint pain. It can also help with regeneration of cells and the balance of hormones. 



Fulni-ô tribe

Jacuranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia) is a sub-tropical tree native to south-central South America that has been widely planted elsewhere because of its beautiful and long-lasting blue flowers.
It has immunity boosting effects and Is efficient in treating bacterial infections with its antiseptic and antibiotic qualities. Jacaranda gives out some secret natural spiritual gifts, too. This hapé is a gentle blend providing a sweet masculine energy.


Fulni-ô tribe

Highlights/Uses: 3rd eye and Crown Chakras, Fire Element, Masculine. 

This blend is prepared with natural ashes from the trunk of the Breu Branco tree (protium heptaphyllum). The Breu tree has been used for centuries to enhance peace of mind, focus, and to balance the sixth chakra. 
This same tree produces a very beautiful resin incense used for smoking and spiritual cleansing. Traditional of the Shawandawa and Manchineri people, 
who live in Peru Bolivia and in the Brazilian amazon,  It is used for
physical cleaning in larger quantities and to calm the mind.
This strong hapé is revered for the healing benefits it brings: peace of mind, balance, focus.



Kuntanawa Tribe

Jatoba hapé is traditional from Brazilian middle east tribes, it is a very special Tree for the Guarani - Kayowa natives. Jatoba is a tree that is present in All parts Brazil, but it is not used by the northern tribes for they have not been traditionally attached to it. Jatoba hapé is made from the ash of this sacred tree, generating a special blend. Jatoba blend is usually rich in ashes and not so concentrated on mapacho powder, as it's already strong by itself. It's often used in dancing ceremonies to give harmony and focus for the natives to make collective movements, and the guarani Kayowa culture is very famous for its ceremonial dances. They gather hundreds and hundreds of natives in a line and then they paint each other, because the native drawing give them strength and happiness to dance, meaning the circle of life movement . Jatoba rapé is strong, and a rare blend due to the small quantity of tribes that use and share it.



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