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VASHAWA Hapé - Katukina Tribe

Heartfelt transaction

Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference and the care and the kindness that Nate and the rest of the family Have show me through this order what a great connection I have made, Especially a business connection. I ordered the Sample and it came with the applicator can't remember what it's called , but inside was a handwritten note and a couple little gifts. The one that touched me the most was the sticker of this smiling fox and it said. Hey you'll get through this okay Just so happens. I was really struggling.
And And that little fox sticker.
Gave my soul so much gratitude. And I felt the connection of being part of the family that I don't even know yet. Just the fact that they get the product from the actual tribes in the Amazon jungle is a miracle itself. And they are not exploiting threse people like the "other" Amazon does .The product itself is very good so far. Each one I've tried have served the purpose that I've wanted to use for meditation clarity. And grounding and have made my access to spirit a lot faster treat and respect the medicine and thanks those spirits involved and the medicine will be good to you excited to try different Blends. Thank you again for a lovely transaction. Oh yeah, and they spelled my name, right
That's like a 100 points right there.

PAU PEREIRA Hapé - Katukina Tribe

I found the PAU PEREIRA Hapé of the Katukina Tribe to be quite energizing and good to eliminate fatique.

VASHAWA Hapé - Katukina Tribe
Douglas Fredrickson
VASHAWA Hapé is a YES for me!

The VASHAWA Hapé from the Katukina Tribe was quite refreshing in my experience.

CHAQRUY Hape? Yes!

Chaqruy Hapé from the Katukina Tribe was great for me. I'm relatively new to the Hape world, but so far, so good!

Sananga was great!

SANANGA Hapé from the Katukina Tribe was great for me. I'm relatively new to the Hape world, but so far, so good!

Potent stuff

I got a bottle of medium and strong


I'm so happy with my purchase! I love the simplicity of this kuripe!

Great quality!

This was included as a free sample in my last purchase and it will now be included in future purchases! Thank you!


This hapè was given to me as a free sample with my last order and I'm so glad it was! I use this for clients before energy work and the benefits are amazing!

Amazing quality

This is my favorite so far! I take this before bed and the results are amazing!

Amazing quality

I purchased this hapè for its healing properties and it did not disappoint!

High quality

I use this hapè before ceremony and it is incredible!


Strong and powerful grounding and root activating. Just what I needed. So grateful to all the tribes for their prayers and medicines.


What a gift to receive this bundle! Powerfully activating for my feminine energy. Subtle yet profound.

Divine feminine

Love love love my famine hapehs. This one was very nurturing as I felt sweetly held in my own compassion.


Love the sweetness and heart opening properties of the bobinsana. Very warming.

Crown activation

My favorite hapeh ever! The rose lit up my crown chakra and I could feel her warmth embrace me.


Strong and powerful hapeh. Helped me feel warm and actived my solar plexus


This strong Hapé is a must try.

One of my favorites if not my favorite!

This Hapéis quite possibly my favorite and Spirit Vision I has a top notch product!

Great Hapé!

Paprika is one of my favorites. I highly recommend this Hapé!

Great Hapé

I love this Hapé and highly recommend anyone to enjoy this product!


This product had minimal effect for meditation. However, it is good for clarity.

Mild transcendence

Although I did not get the effect of abdominal rising, I experienced an elevation or a heightening in senses. I do like this product.