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AMBIL PASTE - Kamëntsá Tribe

AMBIL PASTE - Kamëntsá Tribe

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Ambil is a type of paste created from Amazonian plants that are grown and harvested through prayer by indigenous communities. Often called the blood of the tobacco, it is  used by various tribes of Colombia and Peru. 

The process of making the paste involves cooking fresh leaves in fresh water over a wood fire for up to 3 days until it becomes a paste-like consistency. This paste is used primarily by ingesting during prayer and meditation and connecting through conversation. It can also be used topically on cuts, wounds, and bug bites for fast healing. Ambil has various benefits such as realigning our chakras, especially opening the throat chakras emotionally grounding us, and promoting positive and sincere conversations, intention in our words, and insightful thoughts. It is also believed to be a means of carrying prayers to the Creator and connecting us to the divine masculine within or Father Spirit within, and helps to heal the father wound. 

This Ambil is made lovingly by Master Shaman & Curandero Taita Bernardo Chindoy of the Kamëntsá tribe of Colombia. 


 USE: Traditionally, Ambil is used by dipping the tip of the pinky finger (the finger of humility) into the paste and applying it along the gum line in the mouth.  Keep it in your mouth for 5-10 minutes, swallowing minimally and allowing the medicinal compounds to absorb through the mouth as you commune with the medicine. After you are complete, swallow the remainder of the ambil that remains. 











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Customer Reviews

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Very tasty with an Aya like flavor, last for a good while with Mambe.


Love to keep medicine available when needed. Thank you so much for the support and quality medicines readily available for the community!

Sending love and blessings, @yoga_with_koa

Jenny A.
The BEST Ambil!

This Ambil is the best I've tried!! and I have had alot of ambil!! Super heart opening and relaxing. Makes me feel clear, calm, and connected. its also the right consistency... nice and thick yet easy to scoop out.

Melissa Ayotte
Great company

They really care about their products and customers. I believe in their visions for healing.

Peter Kilkens

Good produuct