Collection: Ayahuasca Vine Necklace

Beautiful pieces of ayahuasca, collected by myself in the jungle of Colombia during the early phases of my time training to one day earn the title of Taita (shaman). The majority of each vine collected went into a batch of medicine which I helped to cook and put all the best energy into, which then went on to help and heal many people! I kept a small portion of that same aya to use for my artistic endeavors. These are from different pieces of aya so every few are similar but the next few have a different shape/pattern.
My maestro uses sustainable practices in our collection of the medicine, knowing the age of each vine in the area and leaving the base/root intact so it will regrow!

Each Vine is cured over ceremonial fire, sliced, sanded, coated, then wrapped and/or strung. 

The finished product is a beautiful glossy piece of ayahuasca with a very beautiful floral pattern that will bring good energy for years to come!


Ayahuasca Jewelry offers:

  • Protection: tons of good energy goes into each piece! 
  • Connection: You will be amazed how wearing any of these will cause you to connect with so many new people on a similar path... It draws them in!
  • Beauty: The floral patterns are stunning and will be noticed by all!