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Spirit Visions

AYAWASKA Hapé - Katukina tribe *Limited Edition*

AYAWASKA Hapé - Katukina tribe *Limited Edition*

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Experience the sacred power of our Ayawaska hapé, a profound communion and beautiful homage to the traditional (aya-huasca) medicine. The caapi vine, also known as grandmother aya or the vine of the soul, serves as a gateway to elevated spiritual realms, with a history of centuries in traditional healing practices. This remedy enhances intuition, harmonizes vital energy centers, and aligns you with aya's essence. Ayawaska is a medicinal and spiritual plant that fosters connection with all living beings and promotes healing. This hapé invokes ancestral wisdom and facilitates communication with earth spirits, ushering in light and aiding in the balance of darkness.

Our Ayawaska hapé blend induces a calming and clarifying effect on the mind, fostering a deeper connection with oneself and the spiritual realm. Ideal for those seeking a meditative, introspective journey, it offers healing, spiritual, and emotional equilibrium. It also stands as a potent instrument for spiritual growth and personal transformation, unlocking profound spiritual insights and ancestral knowledge. Best suited for ceremonial and spiritual use.

Ayawaska hapeh incorporates the core components of the renowned Ayawaska brew, specifically the revered Caapi vine, combined with sacred mapacho. The synergy between these plants offers a holistic experience. Crafted by our friends, the Katukina tribe of Brazil, this potent blend allows you to engage with Ayawaska's spirit and access higher spiritual dimensions without psychoactive effects. Ayawaska hapé, with its deep aroma, provides a subtle and unique connection to the grandmother medicine that is healing the world one soul at a time.

Embrace the transformative power of Ayawaska hapeh, and let the spirit of Ayawaska guide you toward a deeper understanding of yourself and the world. Try it today and explore the sacred vine's transformative properties!!

Pair it with our CHAQRUY hapé to experience both spirits of the traditional grandmother Ayawaska brew and receive the full benefits connecting with the spirit of the remedy that many have called the greatest healer.





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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Adam P

I saw this and had to try it. It met my expectations and then some. And they even gave me samples of other hapè to try which I ended up buying my next order.

Goodson Bernard

They are great

Game changer

This is the second batch from spirit visions I have ordered. I have a rare blood cancer that is terminal and this has helped me with the energy to do things. It has also helped increase my intuition. Grounding WAS a great struggle for me and now, that is no longer an issue ❤️! Gratitude for this plant medicine and to you all for the wonderful packaging that was delivered with care. I really do love the personal notes as well. Also, thank you for the samples sent with my orders.

Jessica Montoya
Perfect for Ceremony

I bought this hapé to add to our Ayahuasca ceremony. It was supportive in opening up to the medicine, creating calm energy with balance and peace. One of the many reasons I value and honor Spirit Visions is because I feel the beautiful energy not only from Nate and his partner but also the esteem and respect they have for the indigenous people who so generously share their medicine with us. Thank you so much for your love of all who work with this medicine.

Peng Her

AYAWASKA Hapé - Katukina tribe *Limited Edition*

Deep embodiment

Powerful and grounding. Blessings on the hands that prepared this.