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MULATEIRO Hapé - Yawanawa Tribe

MULATEIRO Hapé - Yawanawa Tribe

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Mulateiro (Calycophyllum sprucceanum)

This blend comes from the Yawanawa tribe and is known for its powerful strength and many healing benefits. It is a grounding blend that enables concentration and focus.

Mulateiro is a tree found in the Amazon, it has been used since ancient times for its restorative, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial properties, as well as treating diabetes and skin cancer. The mulateiro is used to release tension in the right and left cerebral lobes, allowing our body, mind, and spirit to re-align in balance and become centered.

The properties of this hapé are rejuvenation, anti-anxiety, calming, and centering. It is also a wonderful hapé before bed and to treat insomnia as it calms the mind and the nervous system.

It is said that the Amazonian female warriors bathed on the night of the full moon with a preparation made of the bark of the Mulateiro tree to remain always young and beautiful, hence, the Mulateiro was known among the tribes as the tree of youth.

Men also drink the tea of this tree for virility, strength, and stamina.





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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Jenny A.
SUPER Grounding!

Very grounding and nurturing blend. calms the mind and brings so much peace.

Strong Blend

This was a very strong blend. Very beautiful. Not one I personally resonated with the most but the medicine always is magical and shows you what you need! I can say, it is best to try a lot of the blends so you can see what resonates for you during different times.

Sending love and blessings, @yoga_with_koa

Michael Hitsman
I like to use this one before sleeping

This is one of the more intense blends for me, although the feeling of nervous system relaxation after sitting with this hapé is wonderful. Great for using in the evening before sleep.

Ajna Rigell

Stuff is great!

Douglas Fredrickson
Quiet the mind and re-align!

Try Mulateiro Hapé of the Yawanawa Tribe to possibly achieve mental coherence of the left & right hemispheres of the brain, quieting the mind and soothing the soul.

Helps me sleep

The description of this one talks about helping with insomnia, and that is so true. I sometimes have trouble sleeping and this is the hape for that for sure. It definitely quiets the mind to help me get some sleep. I never travel without it. I especially need help with sleep when I’m not home, this definitely helps!!!