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MURICI Hapé - Katukina Tribe

MURICI Hapé - Katukina Tribe

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MURICI (Byrsonima crassifólia) acts strongly on the physical body, cleansing the strength of the muscle fibers and the hardness of the bones, as it is very effective in cleaning and re-energizing the frontal lobe of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Murici ashes act as a catalyzed spiritual energy in the mind causing people to become self-aware at times in a journey state of internalization and spiritual understanding. The Katukina consider Murici to 'raise the energies of the abdomen', so it is often used when a person is feeling too emotional or overly fearful. Consider Murici when you are experiencing anxiety and grounding is needed. It is also good for the immune system and can be used to fight off sickness.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Sophia Simo

Thank you, love the murici!

Justin Ansel
Glad I found them

I am new to the plant, medicine scene, and I found spirit visions via Google search. I’m so glad I did their prices, the responsiveness, and quality have been exceptional.!

mark hall

Very helpful..

Jenny A.
Awesome overall!

Super grounding and strong. Helps my physical pains. I can always feel an immunity boost with this blend also.

John T.
MURICI - Get Ready!

This was the first hapé I’ve ever tried. I’m not sure I was ready. LOL 😝 It was much like taking in a big whiff of cayenne pepper -- burning nasal passages, watery eyes, etc. But before you can even get over the initial reaction the medicine is working on your mind, starting from the front (3rd eye/temples) and encircling the brain, finally settling in near the cerebellum. It sat there for a long time before moving on. Clarity, focus, and grounding were the immediate hallmarks for me. I imagine it worked on my body some, too. But I think it ‘loosened’ up some ‘stuff’ that the Tsunu was able to dislodge. This will help you work thru some things and help provide the clarity you’re seeking. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead!

Michael Hitsman
I love this blend

I like to use this one when I'm feeling like I'm getting too cerebral. It doesn't seem so grounding to completely take me out of my thoughts but it helps to give a clarity to thinking already happening. It's a good one to share with friends surrounding deep conversation.