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PARICA Hapé - Katukina Tribe

PARICA Hapé - Katukina Tribe

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Paricá (Anadenanthera peregrina) is made from the bark of the angico seed, the same one used to make Yopo, it has medicinal alkaloids, but they are not entheogens. The Yopo tree as it is also known is a sacred tree whose medicinal properties have long been ritualistically used by shamans and healers.

 The Paricá, applied in a sacred way, can lead to a state of deep meditation where the mind is perceived centering and silencing itself. The Katukina consider Paricá (Parika) for "ceremonial use, taking it often during focused sessions of meditation or contemplation."  Its very energetic, you can feel the scent of the great spirit of the jungle. Very appropriate for medicine wheels, meetings, and native ceremonies. 

The medicinal properties of this hapé give us a feeling of liberation and purpose, as well as attention and strength for the katukina nokekoi shamans to heal and teach the families of the village. This medicine helps us align ourselves to our higher selves, attending our actions to the great will of the community.

Paricá rapeh is extremely well balanced and causes a deepening within oneself by awakening the study of the sacred, the connection with our ancestry, the cleansing of negative thoughts, and of spiritual healing. The Paricá or consider this rapeh for ceremonial use, take it often during focused sessions of meditation or contemplation, and it is preferred by the healers, for its strength and its power to assist in the healing and prayers of the shamans.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jenny A.
Very strong.

A very good ceremonial blend for serious meditations or inner work! I only use this when i want to go Deep!!!

Jocelyn Miller
My Secret Weapon

I have utilized a wide variety of hape blends, and even Parica from other sources. Spirit Visions' Parica is the best quality and most powerful of the blends I have tried. I often conserve it for special occasions when I am ready to go deep into meditation and bring a strong ceremonial aspect to my daily routine.

Michael Hitsman
Very powerful blend

This one is not to be used lightly, I always find a deepening in my practice, meditation, and thinking after using this blend. It helps with an influx of spiritual energy and isn't too much of the air element. This one feels well balanced while being spiritually activating

Marc sullivan
Morning hapé

I use this every morning to bring the magic of Yopo to my day. Invigorating and cleansing.

Strong source

Good for any time

Michael Mullen
Love This Company

Spirit Vision has really opened me up to the healing of plant medicine. Thank you for always delivering quality product fast and efficiently.