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Spirit Visions

VASHAWA Hapé - Katukina Tribe

VASHAWA Hapé - Katukina Tribe

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Vashawa (Jatrofa Multfida) has the great power of awakening and liberation. This blend is usually used in ceremonies by the healers and shamans, more precisely in grandmother ceremonies. Vashawá means the  Serpent in Katukinas language, and the serpent is the most sacred animal for them.

The serpent is the guardian of the secrets and magic. The sacred serpent comes to us and it takes us to higher astral planes, for us to enter in contact with our inner and higher selves, to receive guidance and support from these great spirits we meet in the ceremony process. The serpent is a spirit guide, she possesses an innate knowledge of survivor and growth and protection. When we receive the vashawá hapé, we may feel the power (spiritual energy of the native people and forest) giving us good and useful advice or suggestions.

This blend is very strong, and as the katukinas use it, it is Great for self-esteem and depression because it helps us center ourselves in our present moment, and observe with more details and attention, who are we and what are we doing with our lives. In this process, we understand how to be ourselves more and we understand how to let go of our lower-self judgment. That is why this blend is good for liberation and awakening.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Richard Brown
Great !

Great service, package was shipped out same day .

Robert Bode
Wonderful medicine

All around great products. The only gripe I have, is if we pay 3.50$ for a sticker, it should be bumper sticker size, not fun size. I will continue to support this company. 9/10

Yolanda Lagunero
First order

The order came quickly, packaged nicely. I have never used Hape' before, so I am not sure how I can compare it. I have never used plant medicine-except for cannabis. I used Parica for first dosage. I have used it twice. I must be transparent I was scared and anxious to use it, however, I did; it immediately within 20 seconds calmed my mind. I enjoyed the subtleness afterwards. It was not a " scary" experience, quite the opposite-calming, tranquil.
I purchased the Vashawa and Samauma-the smallest dosages. I am looking forward to using all of them. Not sure what the other two will be like, but I am no longer afraid, just expectant.
For beginner Hape' users, don't let fear stop you from experimenting with SAFE, plant medicine curated with legitimate Indigenous shamans,harvesters, practicioners, healers. Use small dosages, until you are more confident.

Spirit Visions has proven to be safe, legit and Indigenious conscientious[giving back to the peoples whose lives are enveloped in the plant medicines for healing and spiritual renewal. Hopefully, they will remain in this modality for business practices.

Graham Power

Awesome products good for depression anxiety and stuff like that gives a good sense of calm I love it

Brian Rose
Love it all!

Ordered a few different types of hapé. All 4 were great and the free sample included was much appreciated. Will order again, great value and the jars come packed

Illia Lichikaki

VASHAWA Hapé - Katukina Tribe