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VASHAWA Hapé - Katukina Tribe

VASHAWA Hapé - Katukina Tribe

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Vashawa (Jatrofa Multfida) has the great power of awakening and liberation. This blend is usually used in ceremonies by the healers and shamans, more precisely in grandmother ceremonies. Vashawá means the  Serpent in Katukinas language, and the serpent is the most sacred animal for them.

The serpent is the guardian of the secrets and magic. The sacred serpent comes to us and it takes us to higher astral planes, for us to enter in contact with our inner and higher selves, to receive guidance and support from these great spirits we meet in the ceremony process. The serpent is a spirit guide, she possesses an innate knowledge of survivor and growth and protection. When we receive the vashawá hapé, we may feel the power (spiritual energy of the native people and forest) giving us good and useful advice or suggestions.

This blend is very strong, and as the katukinas use it, it is Great for self-esteem and depression because it helps us center ourselves in our present moment, and observe with more details and attention, who are we and what are we doing with our lives. In this process, we understand how to be ourselves more and we understand how to let go of our lower-self judgment. That is why this blend is good for liberation and awakening.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Cecelia Beck
Excellent products & service!

Hape has been a life changer for my bouts of depression Thank you Nate & staff for all of your hard work

Jenny A.

the best blend i have ever tried! the spirit visions Vashawa is better than the vashawa I tried from other suppliers! connecting and brings me all the answers I need!!

Amy Howton
wonderful service

I've had such wonderful service from Spirit Visions--personal, responsive, and connecting. The hapé is beautiful and grounding and the love notes that accompany bring joy! Thank you, Spirit Visions!

Anne Numinous
Works well in small doses, so far ...

I have taken very small doses in the morning (no more than a tenth or even twentieth of a typical dried pea-sized dose) for the last four days. I have noticed that I am more alert, have better focus, and feel slightly calmer than normal. I feel more like "Me" as if I am somehow a little more centered in my body. Today (the fourth day) I am not feeling as alert, but I am still more alert than usual. I suspect that the diminished alertness is the result of a smaller dose. I'll be curious to see if this is an agent that is relatively safe, like coffee or tea.

Bradley hildebrand
Great For Clearing Your Mind

My favorite blend for clearing my head at the end of a long day.

Michael Hitsman
Great blend for lightening up

I like to use this one when I'm getting down on myself. It is a great integrative tool for replacing positive beneficial practices with ones that are more misaligned.