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Ayahuasca Vine Necklace

Ayahuasca Vine Necklace

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Each piece of ayahuasca is cleaned of its bark, cured over a fire, cut to approximately 1/4" thick, and sanded very smooth to enhance its beauty. It is sealed  (in a special coating that is water resistant and heat resistant to protect and give it a long life), and blessed in the ceremony.

The vine is wire wrapped in 18 gauge copper wire (or 20 gauge for less than .75" diameter vine) which enhances the energy and then attached to a quality braided adjustable length string. the wire will be wrapped around the vine 2 times as i found this makes for a tightest fit.

The finished product is a beautiful glossy piece of ayahuasca with a very beautiful floral pattern that will bring good energy for years to come!

Each piece of the vine is different. You will receive one aya vine pendant necklace of the approximate size of your choosing. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brittany Baumgartner
I didn't know I needed this in life

Thank you so much. You hape has helped my mood and feel at peace. Also it has helped me with meditation and visions. Thank you so very much!!!!

Janessa Akaka

I love the beautiful energy of this necklace. Thank you to the beautiful spirit who made this necklace. Thank you Spirit Visions for sharing these wonderful products and giving back to the tribes. Aloha and Mahalo from Hawaii.

Victoria Campbell
Love my necklace!

They were very responsive and shipped quickly. I am very happy with my ayahuasca vine pendant and can’t wait to gift the other one to my love. Thank you spirit visions!