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72 Plantas: energy cleansing spray

72 Plantas: energy cleansing spray

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*Only 40 bottles available*

72 Plantas is really made with 72 unique plants!

Made by a powerful Teacher & master Ayahuascero from a long lineage, Taita Bernado Chindoy of the Kamëntsá tribe. Taita is a MASTER of the plants, knowing every plant in his area of the amazon and how to use each plant for healing.  This spray is made by his hands, in the Amazon of Colombia, outside Puerto Asis, using 72 PLANTS! When Taita makes this, the finished product is a thick concentrate, which he suggests to dilute before use. These bottles of 72 Plantas are diluted by 50% with agua florida. 

Making 72 Plantas:
Each batch Takes 5 days of work to complete. Days of moving about the jungle and harvesting the specific plants of his choice, followed by multiple days of cooking and concentrating the medicine, to extract the energy of the 72 ingredients. The end result is a floral and spicy bouquet for your senses that us very uplifting.


How to use:
A little goes a long way! Each 1oz bottle with convenient spray top holds 100 cleansings worth of powerful energy. 

To use, spray 2-3 sprays into the palm of the hand. Rub your hands together a couple times then breathe deeply through the nose with your hands held near the nose (we recommend holding the hands in a V shape then placing them around the nose/mouth). 
Breathe this way 3 times taking in all that cleansing energy, visualizing a bright white light flowing into and filling the body. Then use your hands to cleanse your body, wiping them across your head, arms and anywhere else while visualizing  you are brushing off anything negative, or that no longer serves you. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Beautiful, relaxing smell

Love this company and what it represents! This product always reminds me of the smells from ceremony and brings me into a relaxing state. Beautiful products and delivered with love! Love the poem as well! Thank you!

Hannah Blankenship
72 plantas spray

This spray smells like nothing I’ve smelled before! It’s so good I want to use it as a perfume and carry the smell all the time. I spray it in my hands and take a big inhale every morning before I start my day. I also spray a couple sprays in my bath water. If I’m having an especially emotional or stressful day I’ll spray it directly over my head for extra grounding/protection