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CANELEIRO Hapé - Yawanawá Tribe

CANELEIRO Hapé - Yawanawá Tribe

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Caneleiro (cenostigma macrophyllum)

This blend can bring about an experience of energetic recalibration, balance, & harmony. Helping to synchronize and align your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Overall, this hapé works to ground, balance, and clear the body, piercing through any energetic debris, blockages, or muscle tension, and bringing about a wave of peace, harmony, and stillness throughout the body.

Caneleiro is a plant often used to make tea for joints and pain and in hapé, it can have similar effects.





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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jenny A.
Very Energitic!

One of the most energetic blends! Body vibrations like crazy. More pick me up than a 44oz coffee haha. A great blend when your shifting to a new task to refresh your energy. Definitely good for the body also as my joints feel better.

Bradley hildebrand
Happy Surprise Sample

This one was sent as a sample and I'm really enjoying it as a daily use for relaxing and playing some video games after work

Colleen LaGasse
Caneleiro Hape' - my new fave

I received a sample of this blend with a previous order and couldn't believe how amazing it was. I promptly purchased this product and it has become my new favorite. I look forward to trying the new samples that were sent with my last order. This is an amazing company with amazing products and fantastic personalized customer service.

Douglas Fredrickson
Yes you Can! (eleiro, that is)

If your experiencing any energy related blockages, and/or muscle tension, etc, I recommended giving this Caneleiro Hapé of the Yawanawá Tribe a try.

Great for stiff joints and muscles

I had read that caneleiro was good for muscle pain, so when I had to take a 1000 mile drive alone, I sat with this during my drive breaks. I know for a fact I would have normally gotten super stiff and sore from sitting in the car that long straight through. But I was 100% fine. I made that round trip all over just 4 days (over 2k miles total) and wasn’t sore at all. I really think this Hape helped! And so now, anytime I’m feeling stiff (in my upper 40’s now), this is my go to and it really does help.

Carolyn Goodman

I have used Sansara to connect with a variety of intentions that I’ve work on. It’s a very smooth and powerful Hape’ that’s grounding and stilling in a very open and peaceful way.