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Eagle Águila 🦅 Tepi

Eagle Águila 🦅 Tepi

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A beautiful hand carved kuripe self applicator for hapé. 
The design is a majestic flying eagle 🦅 


The Eagle is a powerful and important symbol in many Native Americans and other traditions. 

Egyptians regarded the Eagle as symbolizing both the Great Spirit and the sun at noon. They saw the Eagle as rising over mundane restraints into the realm of mystical awareness and spiritual progress. The Native Americans agree with this assessment.

To the ancient Romans and Greeks, the Eagle was sacred to Jupiter/Zeus. The Romans used an Eagle to represent Roman emperors, while the Greeks said Zeus could take the form of an Eagle to transport his lover to Mt. Olympus. Hittites used the image of a two-headed Eagle in a battle to protect them from surprises.

From high above, the Eagle symbolizes an awareness of those mysteries that humans find difficult to grasp. Eagle’s vantage point allows him to discover patterns that guide us toward greater spiritual knowledge.

The eagle is also an important part of the Incan prophecy of the Eagle and Condor  which says that: "the day will come when the eagle of the north and the Condor of the south will fly together again in the same sky, wing to wing, and the world will come into balance." 

This is about the world regaining balance between mind and heart, and coming back to love, to reunite all humans to connect with nature in order to heal wounds and propel humanity into an age of harmony.

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Beautiful Handmade Tepi

I almost don’t want to use this Tepi as it is such a strong presence on our alter. Humbled to be in care if this sacred instrument. 🦅