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NUTMEG (PIXURI) Hapé - Yawanawa tribe *Limited Edition*

NUTMEG (PIXURI) Hapé - Yawanawa tribe *Limited Edition*

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Nutmeg, also known as Pixuri hapeh is a cumaru-based blend by the Yawanawa, boasts calming and soothing traits. This aromatic blend dispels negativity, reduces inflammation, and enhances circulation for relaxation and well-being. Specifically designed for the Third Eye area and Pineal Gland decalcification, it opens both head Chakras, calms thoughts, and enhances extra-physical perceptions and mental focus. It is a powerful bridge between worlds and connects up to other plains. 

This unique mix of nutmeg and Cumaru serves as a potent tool for spiritual connection and cleansing, utilized traditionally by the Yawanawá for medicinal purposes such as digestive, respiratory issues, and inflammation.

Apart from physical benefits, Pixuri Rape is employed by Pajés (healers) to address 'Nissum,' a condition causing both physical and spiritual issues, such as fatigue and obstacles. Leveraging Nutmeg/Pixuri hapé's 'Nissural' property helps users treat these symptoms and restore balance. Ideal for cleansing the energetic field, fostering spiritual connection, and supporting overall well-being, this aromatic blend encapsulates the ancient wisdom of the Yawanawá.














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Christy Troup
Nutmeg Hape

I like it. I've only used it once so far, but it had a very balancing, warming effect, and although I read that it may burn a little more than other hapes, it didn't cause me any discomfort. I would recommend it to others!