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Spirit Visions

SANSARA Hapé - Yawanawa Tribe

SANSARA Hapé - Yawanawa Tribe

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Sansara  (Justicia pectoralisis a medicine very respected by traditional indigenous knowledge, having bronchial dilating, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, able to cure headaches, besides being identified in cases of respiratory problems.

The Sansarah plant appears as a magic snake in ceremony and brings good luck and happiness. Sansara is considered the plant of three powers: love (your divine partner), prosperity (your golden path), and abundance (your manifesting powers). It is the plant that opens your heart to positive things.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jenny A.
FLOW State!

This blend really brings me presence and gets me in the flow state!

My second SANSARA experience. Reflections of Unity

Thoughts and ideas abound in my head, they are the things that cause me much sorrow and dread. If someone’s ideas are different than mine, conflict and chaos, is not far behind.
I must learn the state I wish to inhabit, spirit or manmade a creature of habit. These are my choices they are not hard to see, my conflict and hatred come from what I believe.
Spirit Spirit that lives in me, open my heart and mind so I can see, the spirit in all that lives and breathes. These are the dreams I desire to be, living the moment and just being.

Jocelyn Miller
Light and Happy

I received Sansara in a sampler pack from Spirit Visions, and I am reordering a larger size today as it quickly became one of my favorites. It feels very light, heart-opening, and joyful, and I feel like it helps me easily connect to positive feelings around love and abundance in an almost playful way.

Michael Hitsman
I gravitate to this one more intuitively than most

This hapé has often been the one chosen by my spirit guides when asking which blend can be of most help towards my highest alignment.

Justin Hilton
powerful blend

This blends brings me right into my heart and opens up all the wisdom channels


Sansara is one of the tools I sit with when I am feeling out of alignment. It feels, to me, like it helps align the heart, mind, body and soul in times of distress. Anytime I feel I am not leading with love, this is always my choice to sit with.