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Shamans Shaumerio - Colombian Ceremonial incense blend

Shamans Shaumerio - Colombian Ceremonial incense blend

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Our Shamans Sahumerio - Colombian Ceremonial incense blend is a Powerful blend of sacred herbs, resins and plants from Colombia. This special ceremonial blend is especially good for ceremonies, rituals, claensings, and purifications, and protection due to the special combination of ingredients and their own properties which work together synergistically. 

This blend is made in house with ingredients from Colombia that I have collected and saved over the last 3 years, and made in the ways I learned from master shaman and curandero Taita Bernardo Chindoy of the Kamëntsá Tribe of Colombia. During these 3 years, as I compiled all the necessary ingredients to make this powerful Sahumerio Incense, I have continued to put energy, prayers, and intentions into these ingredients. Shamans Shaumerio is made from Wild, sustainably harvested, and organic ingredients from Colombia. 100% natural, and fair trade!  



The rich, sweet scent of a mixture of: Palo santo, yellow and gray copal, myrrh, Frankincense, sage, rosemary, cedar, cloves, and other herbs from Colombia…which makes Colombian Shamans Sahumerio a wonderfully calming aromatic smoke incense for meditation, prayers, Cleansing people or spaces, or simply to scent a room. 

Each tin of Shamans Sahumerio contains 4oz (by volume) contains approximately 24 servings of 1Tsp. and can be used by adding a pinch or 1 tsp. to a charcoal disc, or by adding a larger quantity to a traditional copalero filled with hot coals. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Palo and Hype and Eyedrops are my Favorite

The Sage is alright, but I am so in love with the Palo Santo and boy, they have darn good medicine-eyedrops. I also like their body clearing spray.
My 3 Favs are the Hype, Eyedrops and Palo.

JP Specter
second purchase

Well one of my tins mysteriously grew legs after session /class lol… My client did give me money to purchase another one but they couldn’t wait to buy one and they wanted it for night/bedtime meditation…

Soft and passive smell not overwhelming at all totally worth it .. If you are a practicing Shaman or do any kind of Light/Enegry work this will definitely help with your daily practices or classes…