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Shaumerio Sticks Peruvian incense 6 pack.

Shaumerio Sticks Peruvian incense 6 pack.

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Our Sahumerio Sticks aromatic smoke incense packages contain 6 four-inch sticks of handmade Peruvian incense. The rich, sweet scent of a mixture of: palmetto, palo santo, copal, myrrh, sage, eucalyptus, rosemary, and other herbs from Peru…which makes Sahumerio sticks a wonderfully calming aromatic smoke incense for meditation, prayers, Cleansing people or spaces, or simply to scent a room. Each Sahumerio incense stick can be extinguished and re-lit many times, making our product a smart, economical choice as well. Additionally, you can add any of your favorite essential scents to the Sahumerio Sticks for a personalized smell, or intention. 

These Shaumerio sticks are made from Wild, sustainably harvested, Ground,  Peruvian incense blends. Approximately 4" long. The finely ground wood and resins are combined with natural plant and paper fibers to create these sticks. 
100% natural, organic, sustainable, and fair trade!

These Incense Sticks are amazing for Cleansing & Purifying. 



 Directions: Hold at an angle pointing down. Light the tip and blow out the flame so that only smoke is produced.

Place in an incense holder and allow the incense to linger. When finished, extinguish in sand or in water and the incense may be reused when ready.

To add essential oils of your choice, simply drip 4-8 drops of oil along the length of the Sahumerio Stick. Let sit for approx. 15 minutes before lighting so the oils may absorb for an even burn. 
Total burn time: approximately 30 minutes per stick.

Made with love by Bertha Vargas. Bertha is a wonderful native of Peru, who is a part of the Shipibo tribe through marriage. Her, and her sons, work to share their beautiful creations and these traditions within and outside of their community. 


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Lovely, clean scent

I hope the Shaumerio incense sticks come back in stock soon, they are by far the most wonderful smelling incense I have ever encountered.