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Spirit Visions

Stone Totem Kuripe

Stone Totem Kuripe

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Beautiful hand made stone kuripes. Each of these has a spirit animal total carved on one end.

Choose from stone types:

  1. Red: Piedra roja
  2. Black: Machu Picchu serpentine
  3. White: Semi-translucent Marble

Choose animal totems of: 

  • Eagle - God of the Winds - represents the Sky and Soul, and our connection to the Spirit realm. Eagle is the powerful North American bird totem. It allows the Eagle to fly to the heavens to deliver messages to God - the bridge between Heaven and Earth.
  • Jaguar/ Puma - God of Strength - represents the Earth and Body, and our connection with the Physical realm. Also, our connection to mother earth and this physical 3D reality. Symbol of strength, protection, and the power of Love.

Each of these pieces is crafted with a lot of care by our wonderful friend Norden!
He is a local of Cusco, Peru, and is a dedicated practitioner with the medicines. Norden makes these works of art in order that he may share these traditions, and support his family, including his wife and young daughter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Philip Brazier

The product that was sent was outstanding.I am enjoying the product!!

Beautiful work

Such a beautiful kuripe! I purchased the red eagle, and I'm very happy with it. It's a bit larger than some kuripes, but fits my face (woman's face) quite well.

Jeanfelix Gauvin

Did not received it yet

Augusta Wyatt
It’s beautiful and works well

Thank you this piece is a beautiful replacement to my older and now retired kuripe.

Adam P
Beautiful Kuripe

Thrilled with this amazingly crafted piece. It's smooth, long, and has a nice weight to it compared to my wooden ones. It did take me a bit to get used to as it comes out much faster and is further up my nostril. I'm really enjoying it. And a hand written note as well made my day.

Alex Alexander

A truly well made and durable piece of art. It's nice to have the heavier kuripe in hand as a grounding agent for meditation. Appreciate you holding the space, Spirit Visions. Wholeness and Balance! - A. M. Alexander