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TAITA TOBAKO Hapé - KAMENTSA Tribe *Limited Edition*

TAITA TOBAKO Hapé - KAMENTSA Tribe *Limited Edition*

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This blend is made with love by master healer, curandero, and an Elder shaman of the Kamëntsá tribe, Taita Bernardo Chindoy.  

This blend carries pure grandfather energy of the mapacho, and nothing else! This is an ultra rare blend that you will not find anywhere else!! It is quite literally, one of a kind!! Taita bernardo is the only medicine man making Taita Tobako hapé. 

It can help strengthen our connection with the Creator and connecting us to the divine masculine within or Father Spirit within, and helps to heal the father wound. This blend is ideal when we need wisdom or guidance. Like a wise and loving grandfather, this blend will deliver the answers you need in a way that makes us more receptive to this wisdom, and more open to heeding the guidance we receive by also bringing a strong energy of encouragement to the heart. 

This blend is made of Mapacho, and Mapacho ash. It is an incredibly rare recipe, and was created by master Taita Bernardo, after an extended time studying with hapé in Brazil (since hapé is not a typical medicine of Colombia). During a dieta with toacco, the spirit of the plant told Taita what and how to make this blend, to deliver the pure energy of the grandfathers wisdom that is needed in this time. This blend is more time consuming and labor intensive to make compared to other hapé, since Teita Bernardo is the only person making this blend, through every step of the process... from growing and collecting the plants, to the grinding and filtering of the hapé. Most all hapé is made through the teamwork of many members of the tribe, all sharing in the labor and time needed to creat the medicine.  This blend however, is pure in its energy, from the grandfather plant used, to the one man who made it (a master shaman, wonderful father, and a wise grandfather).

Coming from a long lineage of healers who have been well known for their craft! Bernardo specializes in making plant medicine and often makes yagé and other medicines for many healers who don’t have direct access to the plants due to travel or living in the cities. He knows every plant of the jungle and its medicinal uses, and he lives with his family using his skills to heal others. 





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Customer Reviews

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Jenny A.
Wisdom and presence

I am so glad this is back! When I need wisdom or guidance this is sure to deliver. In a familiar feeling, I feel like i am sitting with my grandfather again when I use this blend. Guidance, clarity, support, and warm loving wisdom from this Hapé

Dennis C.

TAITA TOBAKO Hapé - KAMENTSA Tribe *Limited Edition*

If you need an answer, you shall receive…

This Hape is everything it says. My daughter lost the remote control for the tv and she wanted to watch a show. I eventually became tired from looking, so I gave up. It was strange because it wasn’t in my mind, but I made an intention before using the hape that I will receive guidance on where to find. Literally, as I was meditating for not even 10 mins, I see a flash before of where the remote was, which was shown to be under the coffee table top part that folds down. I didn’t know if that was true, but I had a feeling that is where I would find it. After meditating, I went to where it was shown to me and sure enough it was there. The remote control was of no significance, rather it was the answer and guidance I was given by grandfather energy of the mapacho.
Highly recommend!