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This product had minimal effect for meditation. However, it is good for clarity.

Mild transcendence

Although I did not get the effect of abdominal rising, I experienced an elevation or a heightening in senses. I do like this product.

A true Jurema

The Jurema that this company makes is authentic. It truly allows the communication sought in your spiritual journey.

A wonderful experience

This product truly is what is described. I have used it in my daily meditation and it is an experience in elevating the spirit.

Great product

I have purchased this product a few times. It is very good. Strong. I have very bad sinus problems and it has helped me tremendously. I will continue to buy this product from this company.

Cacau Hapé

This hapé was a great choice! I felt at peace for the first time in forever. I’ve had a lot of things thrown at me through life. I usually had to resort to harmful drugs to feel good. That was until I found spiritvisons.us I feel as if it’s been what I’ve always waited for my entire life.

Everything I need!

This has everything i needed!! The quality of this mediciine is amazing.... best i ever had! the kuripe is sleek and blows well. the invense and spray smell delicious. The Customer Service is everything i could ask for.

the best

This is the Best hape ever!!!


This Hape' evoked the most beautiful imagery and feelings! I felt like I was amongst the Plants, A part of them, connected with them! My senior dog, who was laying beside me, started reverse sneezing. I laid my hand on him. I literally felt the Sacred Plants flowing through my hand to him, and he immediately stopped and was calm and quiet. When I was finished meditating, I stepped outside. I felt one with the trees, the birds and the falling rain. Amazing!


Simple to use.

Beautiful Kuripe

Thrilled with this amazingly crafted piece. It's smooth, long, and has a nice weight to it compared to my wooden ones. It did take me a bit to get used to as it comes out much faster and is further up my nostril. I'm really enjoying it. And a hand written note as well made my day.

7 HERBS Hapé - Huni Kuin tribe *Limited Edition*

Nutmeg Hape

I like it. I've only used it once so far, but it had a very balancing, warming effect, and although I read that it may burn a little more than other hapes, it didn't cause me any discomfort. I would recommend it to others!

Working through diversity!!!

You guys are awesome and doing an amazing job of working through what Mother Nature throws your way!
Can't wait till you get your Ayahuasca stock back in!

Great medicine

Thanks for bringing this jungle medicine to us. This Mulateiro hape' is my favorite so far, very good quality!

Cacau Rapé

Absolutely love your product

Hapé Starter kits
Stephen Moran
Hape' Starter Kit

Good morning,
Thank you for welcoming me to the family. I cannot express the gratitude for the medicine. It has been a powerful grounding tool for a guy that has been having a very difficult time stepping out of the mind, and into where it matters. I have been looking in the rearview mirror out of fear, and to the future out of fear recently on a few issues that have presented themselves. I had previously only had experience with this medicine during Kambo sessions, and had never been blessed to work with it on its own. It is a profound healer. Thank you for the love, thank you for the additional samples. Will be ordering again soon and donating to the tribes that are helping me help myself.
All the love,


I bought my dad some Hape on Etsy a while back. Then I stumbled upon spirit visions via an ad on YouTube. I am glad I did. My dad said the quality of this stuff far surpassed the other. I ordered the JUREMA BRANCA and its miracle powder thus far. Amazing stuff. Very glad to start into this realm with a quality source. Thank you!!!

CACAU Hapé - Katukina Tribe

EUCALYPTUS Hapé - Yawanawa Tribe
Jhonathan Montealegre

EUCALYPTUS Hapé - Yawanawa Tribe

So far so good I am very pleased with the quality

The most powerful Hape' I've ever experienced!

I ordered this because I've not only seen Jaguar during Ayahuasca Ceremonies, I've also become Jaguar, so Jaguar holds a special place in my heart. This Hape' actually triggered a shapeshifting experience! I am so grateful for these Sacred Plants, the Medicine People who put their Love, Energy and Wisdom into this work, and of course Jaguar. 🙏💖

FORÇA FEMININA Hapé - Yawanawa Tribe

Bone Tepi

I love this Tepi is beautiful slick and works amazing.
Definitely recommend this product